The history and people behind JS Tour & Travel

JS Tour & Travel

Hi.  Our names are Johann & Sandra.  We have been married for a lovely 19 years and spend most of our time visiting wonderful new places.  In 1997 we started our first website, Johann & Sandra's Web.  Since that time, the website has seen many millions of visitors, and has grown into much more than just our personal site.

We have heard from people all around the world who love to travel, just like us - and they ask us all the same questions we have ourselves before we go to a destination.

The biggest question we get is "How do I get the most for my money in...".  Well, we realized that people, just like us, from all over the world are traveling and seeking advice on the internet as to what they should do, where they should stay, where they should eat, etc.  So, we started JS Tour & Travel, where we offer tours, excursions, hotels, transfers, and many other travel related items for great prices and a bit of personal insight and honest opinions to go along with it.  If you ask us a question, we'll tell you the absolute truth as we see it.  That's what we set out to do and we get e-mails every day thanking us for this service.  That's also why you'll see us popping up on message boards all over the internet - we like to help people - that's what we do.

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